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It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you to this great institution. The institution is indeed great in that it strives in the maintenance of good moral and academic standards. For this, therefore, I consider you lucky for having been admitted into the institution. Let me use this medium to remind you that as students, you are here for a specific purpose; pursue and attain an academic qualification. As such, you must work hard and conduct yourselves maturely and peacefully for you to be able to attain your desired objective. The Polytechnic of Kano State attaches importance to excellences on this note, examination malpractice, stealing, violence and all forms of anti-social behaviors are strictly forbidden and therefore treated with disdain. Any student found to be involved in these offences stands the risk of EXPULSION from the institution. On its part, the Polytechnic authority will do everything possible towards making your stay a happy and memorable one. The student's handbook educates you on the historical development of the institution, courses offered, entry requirement, administrative structure, registration procedure, examination regulations and a host of many other valuable information that are bound to make your stay in the Polytechnic worth-while. I therefore wish to implore all students to read their handbook carefully with a acheter viagra view to conforming strictly to the comprar viagra regulations herein. Finally, I wish you a happy and rewarding study period. Once again, you are welcome to the Polytechnic and Kano State .